Burnt Roof Roundup

So we’ve been talking about changing the color of our home.  There was a more lively discussion on facebook than in the blog comments and I’m not sure I’m any closer to choosing colors to test out.  But I decided to do some investigating in some nearby neighborhoods where more homes were built when ours was (2007).   There were quite a few homes with the same shingles as ours, though not all of my photos turned out well.  Plus, I was trying to be as discreet as possible so as not to appear creepy.  But here’s a sampling:




Another neutral with some rock accent.


Not neutral. See how anything seems to go in my town?


Enter two toned greige, with stone! Obviously this looks very nice, but this is also just a nicer home than ours all around.


This is that same house as above. New construction with this roof…wouldn’t have been my choice but the house looks good.


Kind of a sage color, and some beige-y type accent.


It was rainy this day, but look! Navy!




This was nice to see. It was like this dark gray with green undertones. It reads much more green in the pic. And it had been raining, so you can’t even see the roof color well.



That deep green is not neutral.

So on that last one, I am wondering if a more saturated color like that green, or like the blue I am thinking, would draw attention to the roof, by contrasting it.

For fun, I did this:


This is the inspiration house for “newburg green.”  The (photoshopped) roof definitely competes too much, and I think if we did go blue, it would need to be muddier.  But I like muddy.

All the photos we took when it was rainy aren’t too helpful since you can’t get an idea of the roof color.  We could tell in person it was either the same exact roofing, or extremely similar, but the photos don’t show it.  Anyways, this post is probably useless because I’ll have to go look at these homes again.  But I did succeed in finding a blue home with this roof, I discovered a dark gray/green that looked quite nice, and I learned that most of the houses with our roof are neutral colors.  Which is unfortunate for me because our house is so blah architecturally that a neutral color really does nothing for it.

So…the saga continues.  I’ll have all Summer to decide since the painter can’t come until a few months from now anyways.  So, you’ll be hearing from me again about this.  Sorry in advance.


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