Tricking Children into taking medicine

First it was Alexander.  Mild fever, happy go lucky attitude, rash from the pits of hell.  Then Paul, mediocre fever, maybe a small rash, acting like he was in the pits of hell.  And finally Ben, mediocre fever, tired, no rash (yet.)

Hand, foot and mouth disease has overcome us.

And I’m just stopping in to say, if any of you has a child who will not take tylenol *ehem, Paul* you must play smarter, not harder.

Enter, the applesauce pouch.


Squirt that medicine in there and let them drink it down.  This works for antibiotics, too.  You may need to squeeze out a little bit of the applesauce first, just to make sure you have room in there.

If your child cannot drink from a straw, just mix it and spoon feed it.  Just be sure not to mix it in with too much applesauce (or yogurt, or whatever) because you want them to consume the entire amount of whatever you prepare.

In the case where your child may need LOTS of medicine: dump it all in chocolate pediasure. Chocolate pediasure was how we got 2 yr old Paul to take all his tuberculosis meds.  That was four different antibiotics, each with their own unique and terrible taste, totaling about 30 mls of liquid medicine, everyday for 6 months.  It is in situations like these where we consider the “take on an empty stomach” thing as more of a suggestion, because it is more important that they take it any way that they can.

So, there you go.  Happy medicating!




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