Possible paint color

We are on the painter’s schedule, and hopefully, if all goes well, our house will be painted and stained in about a month.  On their part, it depends on the weather.  On our part, it depends on whether or not we will chicken out and opt to save money.

Only time will tell.


In my recent efforts to learn some more photography, I took some evening shots of our house and did a little editing in light room.

Our House

Our House2


I know.  The front steps.  And the faded stain everywhere.  And the chipping paint (even more of it on other sides of the house!)

So as far as colors, I am thinking we should go neutral.  It’s quite common around here to have a neutral home when you have our color roof.  Plus, I tend to think it is generally pleasing and won’t put off any future homebuyer.

Here are two shades I’m considering.  They are Sherwin Williams Anonymous and Sherwin Williams Felted Wool.

Our House-anonymous

SW Anonymous

Our House-feltedwool

SW Felted Wool


We’ll also have some sort of white/light trim and we will be browning/darkening up the stain (looking at SW Hawthorne color.)  If the trim looks crazy bright in these photos, just disregard that.  Between the color underneath and the twilight tone of the rest of the photo, I just didn’t want to spend the time making it right.

So these two colors, Anonymous and Felted Wool, are basically the same, Felted Wool is a shade lighter.  I tend to prefer Felted Wool, but I’ve heard that you should usually go a shade darker than you think.  PLUS, when you search for home exteriors in that color, not one comes up, but when you search for SW Anonymous, there’s quite a few.  So, that has just made me question my instinct.

I think the smart thing to do is probably to go with my gut (the lighter one) and then if the first coat looks too light, I could ask them to use the darker one for the second coat.  I haven’t run this by the painter, but I think since it’s basically the same color, just a shade darker, it should work out ok and not be too much of a pain.  We would maybe just have to pay extra for more/different paint, but that would be worth it.



4 thoughts on “Possible paint color

  1. Nicole

    The darker color is stunning! I think it is better for the size of your house! I went with a lighter color and have a big house and it doesn’t pop. So that is my 2 cents! :)

  2. Meg Post author

    I did test a couple of greiges, but they were all so light. Plus, I’m right next to a beige house and a grey house, so I thought something that had some green undertones might break it up a bit.

  3. Meg Post author

    That’s true. when there’s a two story house, it seems like there needs to be a bit more color saturation to not look washed out or “blah.”

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