Ben likes to talk.  Like, a lot.  Most would think he is my easiest child, and that is true in some ways.  But let me tell you, when Grandma and Grandpa take Ben for a special day out, I enjoy so much silence.  Even though there is a 1 year old and a child with special needs still in need of my care, there is so much peace.  I mean, I do want Paul to talk someday.  But in the meantime, ahhh, sweet silence.

Though, I must say, when my currently nonverbal children do learn to talk, life will get much more interesting, assuming they come out with similar stuff as Ben.

So, as documentation of some of the funny things he says, here we go.

Ben: Mom, I want more kids.
Meg: Do you mean siblings or at school?
Ben: Both.  I have brothers, but no sister.  The next baby we have needs to be a girl, so I can have a sister.  And if not that baby, then the next one after that.

Ben: You know who puts all his underwear on at the same time?  Aiden.

PS. Aiden is Ben’s friend that he made while we were on our getaway earlier this year.  He is also the person who does every weird thing Ben can think of.

Ben: Mom, where were you born?
Meg: Connecticut.
Ben: That’s where Riley and Livy live!  Where was Dad born?
Meg: Indiana.
Ben: That’s where Grandpa just went!  Xander and I were born in Montana.
Meg: Yup.
Ben: And Paul was born in Ukraine.  And there’s a crane there.  Because it’s called Ukraine.

Ben: Did you see how quick that was??
Meg: How quick what was?
Ben: My poop.
Meg: No, I didn’t get to see that.



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