Happy Metcha Day Paul!

Real quick- we haven’t met again about the IEP, but I am in a very good place about it.  Sometimes just the reality of all of this – the things I don’t know, the few things I do know, the conflicting opinions, the forces outside of all our control – they just become overwhelming.  But I’ve got some great stuff put together, and more importantly, I know that the whole team means well.  Truly.  I just have to remember that there can just be other factors at play when it comes to schools.

But on to more important things…

We met Paul four years ago on October 4!  Here’s some photos from that day.


They put him in one of the only blue outfits they had and brought him in so meet us.  Ryan held him first, while I took notes on everything they were telling us about him.  I really wanted to hold him, but it’s important to get that information then, because you may never hear it again.  15 months and 15 lbs.  Fairly awake at first, but likely on sleep aids.  He never smiled, but he had the same sapphire blue eyes that sparkle now.

A few minutes after we first laid eyes on him they asked us what we were going to name him, wrote it down on some forms and our facilitator went off to file papers for court.

(It happens that fast.)

A lot has happened in 4 years- lots of medical care, therapies, preschool and now kindergarten.  He instantly gained, not only a mom and dad, but a brother about his age, and then a baby brother later on.

He helps me vacuum and is the only one in the family who puts his shoes where they belong.  He’s often requesting me to sing songs, shaking his head no until I get the one he wants (right now the hits are Panis Angelicus and O Beautiful for Spacious Skies.)  And he’s usually up for cuddles.  He’s just getting to be such a big boy; losing his baby face and acting more mature.  He’s a delight.

Paul has made me such a different mother than I thought I would ever be.  He makes me crazy one second, but melts my heart the next.  He’s taught me about what’s important in life.  About how to work hard, like he does.  He’s made me think and rethink all my parenting and discipline instincts.  I know more about medicine and special education that I ever thought I would.  I just think I approach the world differently now, and it’s a really good thing.  And I owe it all to Paul.





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