An updated photo of Simeon!

Somehow, some way, someone got an updated photo of Simeon!

Here he is as a baby:


Here he is as a little bigger of a baby:


And now as a big 9 year old:



I know a lot of people would think that he doesn’t look very good in this photo, but he actually looks much better than I expected.  He’s not in a crib, he’s in actual clothes with no visible sores and doesn’t appear to be in pain, and while he’s leaning on something, perhaps for stability, his legs don’t look tight, though his hands do a bit.  I mean, he’s not in great shape and he needs a family badly, but I’ve seen children look much much worse for living in an institution for 9 years.

He is listed with an older sister.  We really don’t know much about her.  We also don’t know if they can be separated if someone was able to adopt just one of them.  We need a miracle for this boy and his sister.  We have prayed for so long- 6 years.  Multiple families (I think we are up to 3 or 4) have committed to adopting them, but it has always fallen through.  Please remember them in your prayers.



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