Adoption #2


15-Decide to give adoption another go. :)
16-Contact facilitation team to get things going.  Mail out requests for Marriage Certificates and verification from Consulate that we have registered Paul and done post placement reports.
17-Realize that our entire dossier must be in Eastern Europe before December.  Whoa. Paperwork time.  Wire necessary funds to get started.  Talk to USCIS officer who mails out a form that I, at the time, didn’t realize was desperately important.
19- This adoption is officially put into the the hands of St Jude Thaddeus, patron saint of impossible cases.
20-Notarize 4 documents.
21- Notarize a billion documents/approximately 90% of docs.  Mail first set off to be apostilled (express both ways).  Get fingerprinted for FBI Clearances, mail fingerprints to Accurate Biometrics.
22-Letter from USCIS arrives and is sent overnight to TX to request new fingerprints.
23-Doctor forms all filled out.
24-Marriage Certificates arrive.
25-2nd set of docs go to MT Secretary of State; Marriage Certs go to CT Secretary of State.
28-Receive 1st set of apostilled docs back from Helena.
29-Receive apostilled marriage certificates back from CT, receive FBI clearances back, overnight FBI clearances to Caring Hands to be authenticated by the State Department.
30-Send first set of apostilled docs to a friend who will carry them to EE.

1-Receive all copies of homestudy
3-Called Consulate and checked up on letter I requested from them-they promised to do it at the end of the week.  Notarize final document! Person who apostilles is out of the office for 2 days, so mailing things off have to wait.
5-Last notarized docs get pre-approved from SOS office, overnight them to Helena.  Overnight large bunch of docs to a friend who will carry them to EE.  Get a call from Caring Hands that our authenticated FBI clearances should arrive to me tomorrow.
6-USCIS should have cashed our check for fingerprinting by today…we shall see!
7-Mail attempts to deliver FBI clearances, but I’m not around to sign.
8-Pick up apostilled FBI clearances, receive final docs back from Secretary of State, receive invitation to be re-fingerprinted.
14-Letter from Consulate arrives– that’s the last thing we need!
15-Mail out last dossier documents to our team in country!

Later in November, we discovered that we were pregnant!  Due to a miscarriage in the past, we decided not to continue our adoption once we reached 20 weeks of our pregnancy.  We welcomed Alexander Thomas on June 29, 2015.  Hopefully, we will be able to adopt soon, once life settles down again.


Adoption #1

28- Discover Justin

Praying.  Reading.  Praying some more.

25-International Homestudy begins
27-Justin on “My Family Found Me” Page

2-We’re the family that found him!  Stouts on “New Commitment” Page.
2-Meg overwhelmed with paperwork for dossier.  Stouts watch Happy Gilmore to avoid stress.
3-Feeling better.  Let the paper chase begin!
4-They have more pictures of Justin and sent them to me!
11-Receive 2 copies of our apostilled certified marriage licenses back from the State of Connecticut.
15-Pediatrician signs medical expedite letter for USCIS.
16-Homestudy is moving quickly, have home visit with our Social Worker.
21-Discover that all the docs we’ve notarized so far were done so by an invalid notary…time to start over.
22-Have our medical exams and order bloodwork.  Receive draft of homestudy report.
30-Notarized the last big group of papers, received packet from CSSM w/homestudy, state police clearances, agency and social work licenses.
30-Blood work is in and doctor signs medical forms.
31-Send out USCIS application!  Send out first set of docs to be apostilled!

6-Text from USCIS – Application Received!
6-Docs come back to us apostilled and we send them off to Eastern Europe!
11-Send out 2nd set of docs (entire dossier minus USCIS approval form) to be apostilled.
16-Receive our immigration fingerprinting appointment letter.
18-Call to change fingerprinting appointment, and go in for it later that day.  Gotta love Montana.
19-We have our I171h (USCIS approval form).  This came about 4 weeks quicker than we expected.
20-2nd set of docs come back to us apostilled.  USCIS approval form (aka. the last doc needed for our dossier) is in the mail to the Secretary of State.
26-Apostilled USCIS approval form is in our hands.  Getting entire dossier ready to hit the mail.
27-We mail off our dossier and see on Reece’s Rainbow that Simeon’s family has found him!  And it’s the Feast Day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

2-Dossier arrives in Justin’s country!
5-Learn that there’s some trouble with Justin’s paperwork.  Submittal has to wait until it’s worked out.

2-Finally Submitted!

12-Learn that Justin will not be available for several months.
13-Receive appointment date of Oct 1
17-Decide to proceed with appointment date and adopt a different child.  Book flights.
28-Departure Date.

4-Meet “Peyton”!
17-Pass court!  Introducing Paul Sergiy Stout!
18-Fly home for the wait
28-Fly back to Paul’s country

5-Paul leaves the orphanage, never to return there
8-Paul enters the United States and is HOME!

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