Born in our Hearts

Throughout Lent we’ve been doing some fundraising for some sweet little orphans on Reece’s Rainbow (warning: only visit link if you are prepared to fall in love with several children.)

And now this is happening…

It was his little face.  His sweet expression.  And his eyes.

This was the picture:

That adorable tongue thrust didn’t hurt either.  (Yes, a tongue thrust can be adorable, you didn’t know that?)

We never stood a chance.

And that is without having learned about what his future holds in his country.

Justin lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  As a child with Down Syndrome, he was rejected by his birthparents.  There really isn’t a place for people with special needs in his country.  In the United States, there is early intervention, advocacy groups, support groups, job opportunities, even the Special Olympics.  There, doctors advise parent to leave their children with special needs at an orphanage and never turn back.

I’m sure the reality of orphans all over the world will come up on this blog from time to time.  Being aware is important.  Advocating is important.  Doing something is important.

But right now, we want to rejoice!  Justin is our son, born in our hearts.  God’s plan for Him is a future together with us, filled with hope.  God makes all things new- He makes everything beautiful and good!


Consider “Following” our blog via e-mail (on the right hand side of the blog under Ben’s picture).  We hope to be able to share this experience with you!

You can know everything we know about Justin by reading this post.  AND we were pleasantly surprised the other day with some extra pictures of him!  We think they were taken back in early Fall.  Take a look!

4 thoughts on “Born in our Hearts

  1. Katie Huempfner

    Love it!! Thank you for creating this blog so we can all share in this journey and rejoice with you!! :)

  2. mjandcrew

    What a blessing!!! We will be praying hard for all of you as you make this journey. Can’t wait to hear about the plans the Lord has laid out for all of you!!!
    Love, Maria Gehl (and of course Josh and all the kiddos!)

  3. Esther

    How exciting for you and your family, Meg! I was nannying for a family while they went through the whole process of adopting a little boy (he turned 3 while they were over there) they found through Reece’s Rainbow. He has DS as well, but no heart defects, thank God. Its amazing to see the progress he’s made since being in the US! Being tied to a crib for the first 3 years of your life is just cruel, not to mention giving him a HUGE delay, but he’s pushing past it! Prayers for you guys!

  4. Megan Biggs

    Stouts- We couldn’t be happier for your little family! We will keep you in our prayers. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Love, The Biggs:)

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