Saving Simeon


You all remember this sweet little guy, right?

I am sad to report that the family who committed to bringing home Simeon is no longer able to adopt him.

Details as to why aren’t important.  We need to pray fervently that a family will come for him.  He already has little control over his body due to his spastic Cerebral Palsy and it causes him physical pain and stress.  He is not given any attention at his orphanage; he is purposefully neglected because of his darker skin.

What’s worse, he is turning 5 years old this Fall, which means he is at risk of being transferred to an adult mental institution.  Yes, an adult mental institution at 5 years of age.  All because of his physical disability.

Body of Christ, what will you do for him?  Can you donate $1?  Not everyone can, and that is ok.  We can all pray.  We can all share his page on Reece’s Rainbow or this post for someone else to see him.  That someone else might be his future family-the family that God has called, who maybe just needs to see him in order to hear.

Some happier news…

Since I wrote my last post, TWO of those featured children have families coming for them.  (This isn’t to imply that it had anything to do with this little old blog, but just to point out the quick timeframe!)

Micah and Nicholas will soon have families!  AMDG!



One thought on “Saving Simeon

  1. brenda lamey

    Oh man, this same thing happened with Miles. I hope they are both brought home soon. Time is ticking! Praying for Simeon by name along with Justin, Miles, Oliver, and Andrew!

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