A whole new world…

Paul’s been at his new school since January, and if you read my last post, you know that Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” has been the unofficial theme song of this transition.  Basically, my face has been like this since the switch:


I could be either one of them, though I relate a bit more to Aladdin’s goofy factor.

Wonder and awe.

It’s been great.

And starting this week, we’ve entered a new phase.  Paul has started (mostly) full day kindergarten!  He’s at school until 2pm on Monday and Friday, and 3pm on Tues, Wed and Thurs.

He only has one therapy appointment a week. ONE.  This hasn’t happened in 4 years.  4.5 really.  It used to be that we’d have about 4 therapy appointments each week, sometimes 5.  That was on top of preschool or half day kindergarten.  So now I’m all smitten looking at my google calendar, like the way Aladdin was when he was looking at…whoever that girl is.


I do miss Paul, but it helps that I know he loves school.  He giggled for no reason the entire way home yesterday.  And he makes such happy noises when he sees his teacher in the hallway.

I’m realizing that come Fall, both Ben and Paul will be in full day Kindergarten.  What will I do with myself?!  It’ll just be me and Xander all day from 8:30-3.  That’s 6.5 hours, every day.  Oh the things I could do!  My imagination mainly focuses on vacuuming the car and getting a shower in before noon.

This Summer will be a special time.  I need to soak it in before we start 12 years of them being gone all day during the week.  Sigh. My big boys are actually becoming big boys.

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